Jie ling hoon highresscreenshot00042
Jie ling hoon highresscreenshot00045
Jie ling hoon highresscreenshot00044
Jie ling hoon highresscreenshot00007
Jie ling hoon highresscreenshot00010
Jie ling hoon highresscreenshot00002

These were the props/assets used for the scene. Modular walls and cornices were used to construct the room as well.

Jie ling hoon texture

Made use of a material that had a color mask attached to it. This way I could reuse the smaller props while keeping them looking different.

This is a game-ready kitchen that I had a ton of fun working on. I referenced my own kitchen to build up a solid eye for detail. This was done in Unreal Engine where I had to import assets, set up materials and configure lighting.